The Gospel is the historical narrative of God’s redemptive plan to reconcile and restore creation from sin and death. It is our clearest picture of the pinnacle of that plan, Jesus. Therefore, we place Jesus as revealed in the Gospel at the center of our mission as a church.


We believe worship involves laying aside our wants and desires and giving thanks for who Jesus is. We seek to continuously submit all our pursuits in life to to align with our pursuit of Jesus. We believe we encounter God’s presence through the Holy Spirit, truth is illuminated and transformation takes place. True worship results in us reflecting the beauty of Jesus to those around us.


We believe that the truest expression of who we are is found in our relationship with Jesus. In that relationship we find joy, forgiveness, healing, comfort, and purpose. Jesus gives life to our relationships and continuously crafts us into the masterpiece we were created to be.


We believe we pursue, encounter and reflect Jesus best in the context of community. We place special emphasis on building life-giving relationships not just on Sundays, but throughout the week through Community Groups, Serve Teams, or simply grabbing a coffee with someone. Community is meant to cultivate encouragement and accountability for one another and service to our church and city.